Social Security Planning and Information

The second most important source of income in retirement is Social Security. While some people argue that the system has serious flaws, we know one thing: everyone will get benefits under the program; after all, the U. S. government does own the printing press.

- Most Verizon retirees are going to draw Social Security as soon as they can get it. Currently, that is available at age 62.
- Many Verizon employees will leave the company before age 62. That means 2 things:
1. Your money must work hard to provide the income you need up
until age 62, and
2. Your earnings history that your Social Security is based on may
change significantly if you stop working before 62, or earn
less at another job after you leave Verizon.

To access information about how your Social Security benefits might be affected by this, please log onto the Social Security website to request a Social Security statement at the bottom of the website page.
You can also learn how benefits for you and your spouse are determined. (After clicking link scroll to bottom of page and click on "Request a Social Security Statement")

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